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Forms Online: Renaissance to Modern is a browsable and searchable database of verse, focusing on poetic form: rhyme, metre, and genre. This is currently from the Renaissance, but the database aims ultimately to span the centuries from the early Renaissance to the early 20th Century. Every line of text is tagged with detailed information about its rhyme and metrical structure, allowing researchers to perform a powerful faceted search.

Elizabeth Scott-Baumann studied for her BA, MSt and DPhil at Oxford University; she is now Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at King's College London. She co-edited The Intellectual Culture of Puritan Women (Palgrave, 2010) and her monograph Forms of Engagement: Women, Poetry, and Culture 1640-1680 is forthcoming with OUP. She is also editing an anthology of Women Poets of the English Civil War for Manchester University Press. She writes regularly for the Times Literary Supplement and has published in Women’s Writing, Blackwell Literature Compass, the Blackwell Encyclopedia of English Renaissance Literature and reviewed for Notes & Queries, Review of English Studies and The Seventeenth Century.

Ben Burton teaches at Nottingham High School and was previously Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. He studied for his BA and DPhil at Oxford University, and has taught there for three years. He has published articles on early modern devotional poetry, including an essay which won Renaissance and Reformation’s Natalie Zemon Davis prize in 2007. He is currently writing a monograph entitled Poetics of the Eucharist in the English Renaissance. With Elizabeth Scott-Baumann, he is working on a pioneering digital humanities project, FORM: Forms Online, Renaissance to Modern, a searchable database of poetic forms. Connected to this project they have recently hosted a British Academy-funded international conference in Oxford in July 2012 entitled Renaissance Poetic Form: New Directions.
We are currently editing a collection of essays for OUP entitled The Work of Form: Poetics and Materiality in Early Modern Culture.

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